Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Sushi Rule !

Tokyo01After 12 hours on the emptiest flight I have ever been on ... here I am in Tokyo ! A nice break away from the "Christmas spirit" and from the heaviest food absorption of the year ! Not a single Santa claus, just the usual humans wave always in a rush, even on a sunday afternoon. So I went to my favorite Sushi restaurant in Shibuya.

Because of the high number of people coming there, they have a few rules to follow :
1 - You should not talk ! ... Well, since I am on my own and I don't speak a word of japanese, that is an easy one.
2 - Eat at least 7 sushis plates for 20 mns or 10 plates or more for 30 mns. 30 mns is the maximum you can stay inside before they kick your sushi out ! Those 2 rules are written in Japanese and English at the door and they make you read it to make sure you're not gonna play the "Lost in translation" guy. This is how the sushi goes in Japan !
Tokyo02The most important rule they should write in multi-languages at the entrance is : Make sure you choose a sushi that look like something you have already tried before ! This is not the place for experimentations ... unfortunately I did not remember that rule since I was starving after 35 mns standing in the line outside. The problem was ... What do you do with a mouth full of "almost dead" fish that taste like something you sure did not want to taste ? I did my best to stand up slowly so no one would notice my move, trying to find my way to the toilets ... but once up, the waitress jumped on me and screamed out loud "ALIGATO BLA BLA BLA THANK YOU FOR COMING TO OUR SUSHI PLACE" or something like that in Japanese ... So they all turned at me (the only occidental) and looked at me like some giant sushi ! Now the dead fish in my mouth tasted even worst ... I did think for one second about putting back the dead body on the sushi runway ! But I was not sure if they would appreciate that. So once the sushi flushed back to the sea where it belongs, I went back to my seat and finished my lunch with 80 Japanese looking at me to see my face every-time I was eating another sushi !


Well written - I have really seen you in the scene before my eyes and could not to anything than smile. Sorry.

What a cool sounding place, I would love to see how much sushi I could eat in 30 minutes.

Plus your story was hilarious! LOL I'm glad you didn't get sick!

So funny! :-) How can you eat things like that? Spaghetti rules !

I didn't know that there were rules like that in Japan. It's a very different culture of ours... But that challenge can be really fun sometimes... ;-)
Alek and Steph, I would like to tell you that I love your typepad, I read it each day it's very interesting ;-)I was wondering:what do you do?What kind of job do you do?
I wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year 2005 !
Et comme je m'exprime mieux en Français, je vous souhaite un Joyeux Noel et une année 2005 remplie de cadeaux, d'amour et de joie.
Gros bisous !

What an adventure you are having even if you're on you're all by yourself.

What a great life! ... an open mind and the opportunity to travel the world. I like sushi, too. But, even with your strong Euro, didn't 24 pieces of sushi in Tokyo set you back some? Of course, here in the U.S.A., there are all-you-can-eat sushi buffets. And, poster, Vincenzo, pasta does rule ... and it's cheap. I like that.

To answer to your question John, a sushi plate cost Y100 here, less than €1 ! Good deal ;-)

thats fucking hilarious LOL

That's a hilarious story! I love sushi.

hi steph and alek,
ur site is the best.

do u have a nude photo of rafael verga?

i would like to see him naked.


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