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Sebastián Rulli is a "Telenovelas Actor", recently in "Rubi" 2004 and currently in "Contra Viento y Marea". Sebastian was born in Argentina 29 years ago ! This blond guy has nothing to do with the typical Latin "fantasy". He is one of the surprising mixes of this fabulous continent and particularly in Brazil and Argentina. When I was 22 I had a boyfriend in Buenos Aires, nice and handsome guy, who always wanted to be a model ! He did in a way ! But that's an other story ... I let you enjoy Sebastian Rulli !


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Where you find all that nice guys? It's always fun to drop in at your weblog. Raul Olivo - great. I like it hairy!

So, this guy was boyfriends with that guy in the threesome picture and they broke up because this guy discovered that he was involved in porn? Is that right?

how can i contact Sebastian Rulli?

i like him more at tv than in pictures.he wasvery sweet in "rubi" but i don't like these pictures because he holds his lips in a funny way like he was a girl


Hi, my name is Biljana Tasic and I am journalist from Belgrade. I dont know who you are, but I hope that you will help me. I work in of the best journal in Belgrde(Serbia and Montenegro), "BLIC". The thing is that I would like to do interveuw with Sebastian Rulji couse he is very popular here, but I dont know how to contact him. I REALLY hope that someone can help me by giving me his contact. Thanks.
Kindest regards,

well i think that sebastian is really cute no matter what he reminds me of by exboyfriend they look alike the only diffenerce is that they have different hair color his is dark brown.


Really appreciate it if someone could tell me the end of the telenovela rubi?

I simply love this man... He is so fucken gorgeous and I've been a fan of his ever since he came out in the early nineties, and although I was only like six or seven when he debuted in his first "telenovela" I could tell this fine ass man apart from all of the rest. Though today most people might know him from "Rubí", he's got a pretty nice resumé under his belt (among other things). I was so pist off that he had to die in the named "novela", but that's the way the original script for the story goes, so there's nothing that could've been done. Sort of like Brad Pitt in "Troy", he just had to die, that's history, lol. The good thing is that he's now in a new "novela" and is filming a few movies now, so that is definitely a HUGE plus!

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