Monday, May 30, 2005



I could go on and on all day with shirtless pics of Tom Welling ! He shouldn't have started it at the first place ... Tom Welling is actually filming an horror movie remake "The Fog" to be release in the US next October. Hope The Fog won't be too thick and we will be able to enjoy Tom running half naked, trying to find his way out of the bad weather ...
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tom is so fine...

Tom is hot. It's not even right to look that good. :)

He's even hotter in person. And younger-looking and even prettier, if you can imagine. And incredibly tall. I didn't think much of him (and was a bit confused by everyone raving about him), but then I saw him in the flesh and I understood. He's really something.

Pretty face. Great body. Almost perfect does describe him. He was an A&F model, right? If only someone can somehow obtain Bruce Weber's stash of unpublished and uncensored A&F photographs, and put those on the Internet.

amo a tom welling es el mejor

does anyone know what city he lives in?

he live is new york city duh. no affence if i spelled that rite. he is so hott iluv him he is so awesome. i want to e-mail him but i dont know how. i type so many different things on line but i cant e-mail him. (he used to live in okomos michigan). i wish i could meet him.

OMG i love Tom sooooo much, he is the fitest person in the world and i wud kill just to see him. I have posters all around my room of him topless and everthing and i think about him every second of the day, i am constantly watching smallville and films that he is in and if there not on tv im wathcing the box sets over and over again. When he dies i die thats how much i love him and i have bin trying my hardest to find out anything about him like his home addy or anthing like that, i have had some progress but there not replying so im going to keep trying

i love tom wellin he is so fine . i think he is an amazing actor. he is my favorite actor.

i love tom welling he is so fine . i think he is an amazing actor. he is my favorite actor.

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