Sunday, October 24, 2004


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Tomorrow French television will do its coming out with Pink TV. The first nationally broadcast gay channel will be finely launch on 8PM. For €9 per month this channel will feature classical shows as QAF, French and Saunders, Metrosexuality, but also debates, documentaries, movies and X-rated movies. Beside the fact that they will play our favorite falcon movies, I can't wait myself to see films such as OFantasma, Krampack and others great features I didn't get the chance to see yet ... Pink TV will offer to its members advantages like premieres, special events, parties invitation, etc ... !


Wow... thanks for that Pink TV preview! It makes me want to subscribe.

Avoid high expectations on "O Fantasma", it is a bit slow.. like all typical portuguese movies :( Although it has some very daring scenes ;)

Hey there, salut! Portuguese guy here. "O Fantasma" is one of the best films ever made in my country, and, dear Boss, it´s not "a bit slow". It´s a movie with a very unique rithym. Beautifully made, sexualy daring and with a very curious and non-professional cast. Allez and see it!!!

Wow, I hope LOGO will be like this :) Cant wait!!

A little too much Wonderwoman, but for the rest I wish I could subscribe here in Amsterdam....

i ma 26 years old indian gay i wana see this pink tv in india how this possible or not tell me and i wana play a role any gay movies if u can give me a chance i will send u mine pic,s

I met some rockin' crew from PinkTV at Dinah Shore last weekend and had a great time!

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