Saturday, November 13, 2004

A GUY SITE - November Edition


Every month A GUY SITE selects for our pleasure some of the best, hottest, gay sites on the net. This month's edition, is no exception ! I particularly like the selection concerning "Straight College Men". If you ever wonder what a bunch of straight college boys can do when they go away for the week-end, this site might have some answers. Those boys get drunk, get naked, and watch porn ! Don't see any difference with gay boys ... On the site, you can also play a game called :
Pin the dick on the dude ... and his ass too !
For all the HOT sites for this COLD winter, visit A GUY SITE ! You must be 18 and over ... If you're not, then your parents might get a little upset after you if they find out !


thank you guys! always happy to do what i can in giving all gay [& bicurious] men the best internet experience one can have. thanks for the link up, your visitors are quite nice in venturing on over to to see what my november edition has to offer.

back to work for me...

ciao steph & alex! until our next pc run-in...

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