Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Never enough !


Surf02 Calendars with naked sportsmen are spreading in the country like a contagious disease. I am sure not complaining. So over is the time where the choices were between little kitty or little puppy in a basket with a red ribbon ! This time it is our national surfers who take off their tiny swimsuit ! The money collected will go to a charity. The 2005 calendar "Surfeurs Nés" is let's hope the 1st one of a long series. Who's next ? Firemen ! The Fire station next to our place has some handsome specimen that I would sure like to see on glossy paper ;-)

Love this country :-) :-)


Where can I get one?? :)

sexy !!!!!!!

“…naked sportsmen are spreading in the country like a contagious disease.” Uhm, can I catch that virus please? I have sick days saved up.

By the way, how exactly do you say “yum” in French?

(Love it guys – keep up the good work!)

Firemen, you ask? Pleasure to oblige! Here is a link to the images from the 2005 Calendar les plus beaux pompiers du Québec with profile and contact information :

Valiant charity work for the Fondation des pompiers du Québec pour les grands brulés. Unfortunately, I was not able to find the url for last year's hunks.

They do not sell the calendar on Amazon. The few sites are in french and they do not deliver outside the country ... too bad for them :-( They would have sell much more calendars ...

How many Euros will this set me back?

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