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How do you get from playing rugby to making love in the dunes ? Stéphane Rideau was only 17 years old when he was discovered during a rugby match by André Téchiné for a role in the movie called "Les Roseaux Sauvages" (Wild Reeds).


Wild Reeds is about four adolescents in the early 60's at a boarding school in the south of France. The story of François, a boy facing his homosexuality after an encounter with Serge (Stéphane Rideau). This movie won four Cesars in 1994 (France's equivalent of the Oscar), including the award for that year's Best Picture. See the Trailer.


In 2000 Stéphane has done another movie dealing with homosexual issues. Presque Rien - Come Undone. A passionate romance between two French teens, with intense lovemaking in the dunes. But the story is mainly about the first love and first heartbreak, that often comes with it, and the problem of coming out. See the Trailer.


Stéphane has also been acting in a movie called Sitcom by François Ozon (8 Women, Swimming Pool). The story of a conventional French family living in apparent harmony until one day the father brings home a rat he has rescued from a research lab. One by one, as they come into contact with the animal, each character reveals hidden sexual and psychological perversions. A comedy on the wild side ... See the Trailer.

Stéphane has done many other movies, but I have to say that I am impressed to see how a straight man can be so good and comfortable playing a gay characters.


Damn, he's str8?! I loved loved loved Sitcom, and he was sooo sexy in Les Roseaux Sauvages!
Look at me, I'm a giggling teenage girl...

J'adore cet film...Merci!! Bises, bises...kgee

He's great. I think I first saw him in Presque Rien, and I've been a fan ever since.

Presque Rien is just beautiful. Love it. And love him ;)

I'm not completely convinced that's he's completely straight. He seems so comfortable with homosexuality, I'd think he was at least bisexual.

well, probably is does on film what he want's to do in real life. that's what we call "a curious guy". i've enjoyed tremendously Les Roseaux Sauvages, but not that much Presque Rien. And the scene in the dunes, a friend of mine says that they actually did it. if that's the case, let's just say, i've faked better.

I love his work. Whatever's happening in his real life, he's been generous to us, to say the least. ;D

hey Stéphane Rideau, I thought you were great in come undone... i just bought it about one week ago and love it.. its my favourite movie... i just came out of the closet to my mom and its been really hard.. this movie allowed me to connect to you guys and made me feel good. and by the way you very very good looking.. beautiful in my opinion.. your like my dream hunk.. i love french men! i'm canadian but my parents are from chile. well i dont think you care.. haha anyways ahhh if you read this which you probably wont please have in mind I THINK IM IN LOVE WITH YOU... please send me an email (msn: [email protected]) i promise i will fly to france to meet you.. even if your not gay in real life i dont care your so HOT! byeeee take care


pour ceux qui trouvent stephane tres sexy, allez jeter un oeil du côté du magazine CITIZEN K.... il est a tomber

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