Wednesday, March 23, 2005



No you are not hallucinating ! We all know the British Obsession when it comes to the Royal family and celebrities ... Prince William naked, the Queen on the morning throne, David Beckham in the flesh, or the Blair couple like you have never seen them before ... all those photos are from the hilarious book called Private by photographer Alison Jackson.

Alison_1"In my work I use celebrity lookalikes to create images which pose fundamental questions about where the truth ends and lies begin. The line between what is real and what is fantasy has never been more blurred. My photographs seek to explore the gap between the two and, if only for a second, bring it sharply into focus." Alison Jackson.




Americans are stupid and don't read. The last time I was in London, about a year ago, I bought six copies of the book for a bunch of friends. A year later NONE of them realize that these are all look alikes. Fortunately, none of them know about my blog or your blog so they will continue on in blissful yankee ignorance.

Americans do read, just not a lot of them. But great pictures.

I'm an American and I read a little, but my partner is positively addicted. Right now he's partway through four or five different books. Damned annoying, really. Always reading in bed. There are better things to do there.

Frankly, I think anyone who makes gross generalizations is stupid. Or perhaps "ignorant" would have been a better choice of words. But then, I'm just a stupid American.

One of the reasons I love to post humorous and silly generalizations is to see how many stupid people I can bait into a serious reaction. :) I'm evil that way.

evil, perhaps, but not in a very interesting way. nice try, though.

you didn't seem to "bait" very many!!

I'll never never make another generalization and I will never never again call Americans stupid. I apologize. All the bad things certain people said about me are true.

oh, richard, you give up that easy? i'm ashamed for you. ;)

you people need something to do with your time. so do i, i read that whole thing. lame

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