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As we have promised, here are some photos from LA pride in West Hollywood ... It was a fun weekend ! I have to admit that I still didn't really get why Paris Hilton & Anna Nicole Smith were there but the party was great and the hot Californian boys were all over the place !
:: Los Angeles Gay Pride - 2004







I certainly hope that my people (and by my people I mean gays) aren't adopting Anna and Paris as our Queer Icons. I'd prefer to see someone who actually maybe gave a shit about queer-issues. No matter, hawt pictures!

ah another parade of Cuervo/Jameson/Absolut sponsored floats decked out with go-go dancers & porn stars

it's getting shallow and boring

and i'm neither

Yawn all you like "Yawning" - They are becoming shallow and boring only because people are becoming complacent. Call me idealistic, but we have the attention of hundreds of thousands of people thanks to sex and corporate sponsors that chase the gay dollar. But we turn away to go back to our daily lives once it’s over. We wait for others to fight the fight as we back-bite each other with our disgust of those ‘damn pride weekends’. If you don’t like it, get out there and change it. Get on the pride planning staff and get different sponsors in there. Get different floats other than the bar and club sponsored ones.

Proud of what?? just another fancy freak parade
Stop with that stupid fanfare please...its is downroght embarrasing
tks Javier

You have to admit that the commercialization is tacky, if not necessary. It's unfortunate that the money from those big corporations is needed because often times they aren't really invested in the Queer Community other than to make money off us.

Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

I lived in LA for 6 years and avoided this mess at all costs. Nothing but muscle mary's and steroid queens. zzzzzzzzz

i think the point is raising awareness and not show what gay life is like. no one would bother to watch the parade if it was a bunch of guys in blue jeans and gap sweatshirts.
so a big fuck you to all the people who think they are above it and prefer to stay at home.
imho of course

I think it would have been fun to see it all!

A quick look at the first photo on your report shows who exactly is PROUD- the muscle marys on the float, that's who. Gay Pride, yea, right.

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