Wednesday, July 06, 2005

PARIS 2012


By tomorrow all those signs will be removed ... finaly !

Hoteldeville2012_1 Paris2012


Well don't consider it too much of a loss. It is well known that winning the Olympics also comes with higher prices and a tax burden on the people for years after the games. Montreal is still paying! Why blame Chirac? It's not his fault I am sure he made a good stand for the commitee. Blame New York.
It was said in todays news that after New York lost the bid, Americans transferred most of their "anglo" votes to London. London won because New York lost. This is how it happened...

"Despite being a favorite, Paris never led in the voting, and London never trailed Paris. London led the first round with 22 votes, while Paris had 21, Madrid 20 and New York 19. Madrid surprisingly took the lead in the second round with 32 votes, followed by London with 27 and Paris 25. London then picked up a big chunk of New York's votes to lead Paris 39-33 in the third round. France gained 17 of Madrid's votes, but London got 15 — and that was enough to stay ahead and secure the win."

Viva la London! If New York couldn't have the games, politics transfereed it to our best allie.

Hi there guys. It's great to see a photo of the two of you together. You make such a cute couple !

I hated the Paris 2012 logo, I'm sorry.

Looking back, London's isn't so great, either.

t'exageres...ok pr la constitution ms faut arréter de blamer chirac pour tout

t'exageres...ok pr la constitution ms faut arréter de blamer chirac pour tout

Paris's pain is London's gain...think of it as less polution and traffic. The positive side of things! Remember? M

Richard "Yankee". One correction - it's not true to say that winning the Olympics places an unnecessary burden on the people of that city. The Sydney Olympics of 2000 were paid for almost by the time the closing ceremony came around. I can assure you we're not still paying for it, and that it was the best thing that happened to this fine city (imho).

Cheers! And bad luck Paris..

HEy...the signs werent THAT bad....i rly prefer them to the london ones at least......and i still totally think France(well paris) deserved to host the olympics..... :(
oh well, im sure they'll be great in london too....but yeh..

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